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Logo Regione Emilia RomagnaEmilia-Romagna Regional Administration (Italy)

One of the wealthiest Regions of Italy, Emilia-Romagna is like a huge chest full of jewels: monuments, masterpieces of art, ancient and renowned universities, modern centres for cultural and artistic training and much more…Among the most developed Italian and European areas, Emilia-Romagna can rely upon a rich and multi-faceted entrepreneurial framework, made up of a multiplicity of small and medium-sized enterprises, open to innovation and research. A modern, dynamic region, still capable of showing its most humane sociable side, where hospitality and heritage, art, culture, environment and cuisine combine together in an atmosphere capable of combining cordiality and great professional skills.

Bologna Veduta torriThese are the bases on which one of the most profitable tourist industry has been built, a tree whose branches include seaside resorts, spas, artistic sites, sightseeing, camping and sport facilities and much more. Among the many offer the most prominent ones are, without a doubt, the resources of the coastal area. Featuring about 4,000 hotel sites spread over 120 km of coastal territory, plus thousands of firms dealing in allied activities, the tourist area of Emilia-Romagna is one of the most important ones in Europe and worldwide and hosts millions of people every year.

To enhance and foster the great tradition of hospitality which has always been the distinguishing feature of this Region, the Tourism and Commerce Department of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration has started a series of actions aimed at improving street furniture, roads and overall city planning in the tourist areas in order to build a “welcoming territory” to meet the needs of all the types of tourists.

This was the aim that started a series of activities for improving services quality and promoting a development of the city areas within an “accessibility” framework.

The heart of all is the CARE project (Accessible Cities in the European Regions) that aims at creating a network of “hospitable” cities capable of satisfying the needs of all people, citizens and tourists, through the improvement of street furniture, roads and overall city planning but also recreational, welcoming and information services.

The Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration, head of the partnership, is entrusted with coordination and general management of the whole project. It therefore participates in all the activities, acting also as an overseer and coordinator for the other regional Administrations, it takes care of the administration and financial management and of the relationships with the Management Authorities appointed by the European Commission for monitoring the European co-funding the project has received within the scope of the Interreg IIIB CADSES Program. Among the tasks of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration there is also the enactment and supervision of the pilot projects featured in the initiative as well as the final establishment of the network of Accessible Cities. Lastly, the Regional Administration takes care of circulation and communication of the project results and products to the general public.

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